air quality testing

Do you suspect your home or place of work is experiencing exposure to mold causing poor air quality? Do you experience unexplained symptoms such as headache, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, rash, disorientation or nausea? If so, the environment in which you are in may be exposed to unwanted mold spores. In most cases these situations can be remediated fairly quickly and the air quality can be improved drastically. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and can not explain them or if you know there has been a mold issue in the past in may be a good idea to have air quality testing preformed in order to ensure your health and safety are not at risk.

our team will conduct an inspection

Our technician will conduct a site inspection which may also include moisture and humidity checks, thermal imaging or other forms of inspection to search for any signs of water intrusion. The air samples are collected using specially calibrated air pumps which collect air into a cassette. These cassettes are then sent to an accredited laboratory where they are screened for mold spores. A control sample is collected for the lab to determine what a normal spore count should be in the dwelling, this sample is typically collected from the nearest point of entry to the dwelling. The lab then compares this sample to the samples collected form from suspect areas of the dwelling.  From there we can determine what course of action may be required to remedy the situation.

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While serving Saskatoon and area for over 20 years, we have gathered a wide variety of reviews and testimonials by all types of people.

I have used Brothers in Grime and couldn’t be more please. From the first phone call right to the end of the job they made everything totally stress free. They were very professional, courteous, very knowledgeable about their products and their services they perform.

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Brothers and Grime are a strong reliable team. They always go the extra mile with their restoration jobs. They travel a distance or stay close at home to solve anyone’s issues. Dion works especially hard and provides great service to his clients never leaving a mess undone.

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I called Brothers In Grime for a quote on cleaning carpets in my father's house. They were there the same day and the carpets were cleaned the very next day. These guys are quick, friendly, and professional. The carpets look like new. I would recommend them to everyone.

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Absolutely the easiest booking, and most prompt service I have ever experienced.    I have used brothers in grime several times, and let me just say the service is always perfect. Whether it’s 1200sqft home or 3500sqft home they clean flawlessly and the customer service is truly like you are family.

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Brothers In Grime has been a great support to our community school. They are willing to help out with any task that is needed. We rely on them for many cleaning jobs, removal of old furniture, and odd jobs. Our school remains beautiful thanks to their excellent service!

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Mike and his team were great.  Very professional and particularly educative for us in informing us about what they were doing and why.  Would heartily recommend them to anyone having issues with mold.  They greatly relieved us of our anxiety.

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Brothers In Grime were professional and quick to respond to my request for carpet cleaning. I have used them consistently over the past 5 years as they do a fantastic job with my white carpets and the mess left by my 2 dogs!

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